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Information, Internet & Technology: The Next Multi-million buzz from MillionDollarHomePage's creator

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Next Multi-million buzz from MillionDollarHomePage's creator

New idea of Alex Tew
Another multi-million venture by Alex Tew, who is gonna launch his multi-millions idea soon. This time, he is going to launch a site called, , which he is targeting for USD$2 per pixel. Alex has been annoucing now over the Internet that he is going to give away USD$1 million for the prize for those who managed to click the right pixel ads.

Just a little bit of history about Alex Tew, the young British entrepreneur, who managed to raise USD$1 million for paying back all his student loan by launching a pixel ads website, It took him about 5 months plus only to have sold out all the pixel ads on his website and he even auctioned the last 1000 pixels on eBay, which was then lastly grabbed by for a price of USD$30K.

The new venture by Alex, has triggered some buzz over the net and being debated over several hot forums and blog sites during its prelaunch, such as TechCrunch and SitePoint. A post by Techcrunch's Natali Del Conte , who claimed that Alex's idea was stupid as it is just a repeat of his first one. Natali even claimed that she was gonna eat her word, if Alex could succeed for the second time. The post by Natali so far has gathered more than 100 comments, which could be one of the hottest posts on TechCrunch!

Since Alex is giving away USD$1 million for the prize, I bet that he will succeed, as it would trigger huge traffic and people out there will be passionately waiting for its launch and trying to click the right ads for winnng the $1 million. It's really interesting to know that how Alex is going to give the one who clicks the right ads the 1 million prize. There would be many out there just sit in front of thier PC and keep on trying to click the ads. Some programmers even claimed that they could simply program a BOT, which will click all the ads automatically.

To avoid clicking fraud, Alex would need to put a lot of effort on his website, such as offering membership account, and only registered members can click the ads and there is a need for putting anti-spam and anti-bot feature for the website to prevent those software robots from clicking the right ads!


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