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Information, Internet & Technology: Boo hoo! Boo maybe back in year 2007?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Boo hoo! Boo maybe back in year 2007?

Still remember It was quite a buzz in Europe in 1999. I have no good memory, I was a bit too late and didn't manage to catch up and have a feel on how website was. I only happened to find out when a friend of mine passed me a book titled "Boo Hoo". I guess this book is now still chucked in my old bookshelf at home.

Well, just to refresh my memory, Boo was a website starting with a buzz and received lots of press in Europe of wanting to sell branded sportwear online before it collapsed. Boo was even equiped with online simulated figure, which allows buyers to add on sportwear items, such as shirt, shoes pants to the figure for a try and feel! This was really a very new idea at that time, I would consider it's almost one of the hot web 2.0 features of today, i.e animated figure on the web, but unfortunately, Boo financially could NOT sustain through the expenses on technology, such as bandwidth and software development, which was really expensive during its time and finally it collapsed. It almost burnt through $120 millions for its six months of operation! If you now take a look of the, it's got no content but only the homepage, but with a message telling that a new website on Boo is coming soon in 2006 but 2006 is almost ending soon. According to a post on Techcrunch, Boo maybe back in year 2007, lets keep an eye on what Boo will offer us in year 2007!


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