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Information, Internet & Technology: Warning! Threat on open source security

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warning! Threat on open source security

Open source such as Linux is NO more secure? I do agree that open source software, the Linux platform has been more secure and stable than the Windows platform. In my experience when handling servers on both the Windows and Linux platforms, I prefer Linux, as the fundamental is I do NOT have to worry about worm attack and virus infection!

Being a Linux user, I guess now is the time to be more alerted with the security of this platform. As told by well-known Linux developer of UK, Alan Cox, who now works at the RedHat for Linux kernel development, the Linux platform is the next target for hacking. According to Alan, when speaking to delegates at London's LinuxWorld conference on Wednesday, he emphasized that considerable sums of money were being spent in attempting to hack into open-source systems.

And he cautioned that many open-source projects were far from secure.

"There is a lot of money going into security, but the situation is worse, because there is a lot of money going into breaking security. People are being paid to work breaking down software systems," Cox, who is employed by Linux seller Red Hat, told delegates.


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