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Information, Internet & Technology: WebOS AppsBuilder for rapid AJAX-app development

Monday, October 23, 2006

WebOS AppsBuilder for rapid AJAX-app development

The WebOS AppsBuilder, by Australia-based Morfik, provides a complete platform for building AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) applications. WebOS Apps Builder provides the tight integration of an embedded HTTP Web Server - Apache, an embedded RDBMS Engine - Firebird, and the business logic of an application inside the application's executable space. The user interface for the application is through a standard web browser. This configuration allows the application to run online as well as offline and be accessible both locally and remotely. WebOS AppsBuilder applications can operate in both standalone and client/server environments.

The WebOS AppsBuilder comes with highly easy-to-use visual designer, offers well integration with web servers and RDBMs. The great thing is you have various choices of high level languages such as C#, Java, Basic and Pascal that you can choose to implement your business logic. The WebOS AppsBuilder permits you to remain focused on your client needs. You will be able to offer your clients a faster, easier and more profitable way to have web-based applications without sacrificing functionality or power.

Another great feature on the WebOS AppsBuilder is the visual designer. This feature enables you to create database tables, link these tables, maintain their schemas, and create complex forms and dynamic data-driven PDF reports in a familiar visual environment. There is no need to learn complex SQL syntax, as queries involving multiple tables, sorting, parameters, and programming functions can be built using the intuitive and powerful visual query builder


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