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Information, Internet & Technology: Mozila Thunderbird, a great email client

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mozila Thunderbird, a great email client

I guess Mozila Thunderbird is the best email client software on earth. I personally do like the great features very much. Especially on the junk/spam filtering, it really does a great work. I was so frustrated with junks, when using Lotus notes or Outlook Express, as we do NOT have a centralized spam/junk filtering solution. I used to be getting over thousands of emails pouring into my mailbox if I had NOT checked my mail for more than 2 days and more than 90% of them were junks!!!! With that kind of frustration, I even missed out quite a number of important emails from customers or business partners etc. It's really frustrating when you need to have your eyes scanning through more than thousands of emails to pick up what you need. The message filter on Outlook or Lotus could help only a little !

With Thunderbird, I'm now totally out of junks, by using the great SPAM/junk filter that comes with it. Junk is recognized and self-learned by Thunderbird, after you have first marked a mail as a junk! Besides, Thunderbird also comes with other great features such as message filter, which allows you to setup filter for mails containing certain subject or sender to be routed into certain folders. Other features such as theme selection, address book, multiple account settings are also great !

If you hate junks as I do, you should opt Thunderbird as your email client software, as it's FREE, which is easily downloadable from


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