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Information, Internet & Technology: What to sell to make money online ?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What to sell to make money online ?

It's getting more and more people looking for the opportunities to make some money online. Especially myself, although I've been extremely tied up with my office projects, I will spend every minute possible on my free time to look for ways to make money online... huh!

How to make money online? I guess everyone knows that the Internet is the information superhighway. Whenever you need some info, you will search the net, googling around ... The main reasons that people use Internet is finding information!

To make money online, I guess the easiest is to sell information, as it's easiest to market and make profit. How to sell information ? Here is a summarized list that can get you going with it.

1) You need a website, a webspace, e.g a space like this blog, which you can sign up for FREE
2) There are several programs out there e.g ClickBank, which you can sign up for a FREE account and start promoting thier products and earn the commission (You can get up to 70% of the commission). Besides, you also can act as an affiliate by selling advertising space on your webpages or website for Internet Advertising Program such as Google Adsense etc.

Sounds easy ? Well, it can take a lot of work to become successful selling information. Initially, it will take at least lot of your time to write up and submit 20, 30 or more articles to those websites for FREE article submission (such as ArticleCity), in order to attract more and more visitors to your web site. Besides, it also takes a lot of work to learn other techniques for driving traffic to your web site.... All you need is a continous effort, research on keywords, books and papers, writing interesting topics etc.... But at least you do NOT have stock costly inventory, you do NOT have to pay monthly rental for a shop and you don't have to worry about delivery charges or shipping your products etc.....


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