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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Google adsense !!

I have got an account from Google Adsense for almost two weeks but doing nothing with it, until 4 days ago, on 12th,Sept, I started to link up adsense with one of my websites,, an online selling website for Nortn Borneo (Sabah) hand-made products. A few days later, I linked up adsense to and another online store,

After linking up with adsense with all these websites, I did not bother to check how much I had captured from adsense and I always thought it was making "zero" as all my sites are still new. To my surprise, the first time I logged in to adsense for checking my report, I got an average of USD0.73 a day. Up to now, the history of my adsense is 7 days, it has collected USD5. Although this is a very small amount, but it has given some excitement and some pushes to go further for it...


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