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Information, Internet & Technology: My First Few Posts @ About PEAR DB_DataObject

Friday, August 26, 2005

My First Few Posts @ About PEAR DB_DataObject

I have started few posts on So far, I have NOT posted anything (e.g sample application and tutorial) about AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). I will have it soon, especially on the Motionk J2EE AjaxApp Framework and its Rapid Builder, which I have worked on for the past few months. (Motionk AjaxApp Framework is basically a web application framework that made up of JSP/Servlets/JavaBean & AJAX, DHTML for the fast production of data-driven web app. Together with its Rapid Builder,you can rapidly deploy a data-driven AJAX-based web application within minutes without the need to handcode complex JavaScript & Java...)

My first few posting on forum were on PEAR DB_DataObject, when I was running a training @JPKN on PHP PEAR packages.

I was facinated with PEAR DB_DataObject, since it provides a good database table modeling feature. DB_DataObject allows the use of code generation or simple inheritance, which you can generate a PHP class that contains the methods 4 most repeatable task in data-driven application, which are : INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE.

Here are the few sample applications on using DB_DataObject

#1 Example of using find() ,whereAdd(), orderBy() methods

#2 Example of using data changing query method, insert(), update() and a combination of others
from DB_DataObject


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