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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Spoon-feeding robot

Robot spoon feeds you, hahahaha, This is what the Japanese do

Friday, March 20, 2009

iPod shuffle 4GB

This is the new iPod Shuffle 4GB. More pictures

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using Wp_Super_Cache to make your Wordpress blog to stand high traffic

Yeah, having super high traffic to your blog, running on wordpress but you ain't wanna upgrade to a dedicated server to handle the high traffic. You can consider installing the wordpress' plugin wp_super_cache. Enable the super_cache and compression. It speeds up your blog pages delivery. A frequently accessed blog page will be cached. Whenever the first user has accessed the following accesses will take from the cache, which serves as a static page instead of dynamic.

Furthermore it helps reduce the mysql database query calls, which are major contribution to CPU usage to some shared hosting packages. It makes your blog more digg proof. The WP_Super_cache has now reached its latest version of version 0.7.1 which can be downloaded from


Test Hot Linking Image

Yes, it now successfully blocks others from hot linking to my images. Add the following codes in your .htaccess if you ain't want those hot links to your images and steal your bandwidth...The following codes show how to block from websites or blogs on the four domains from hot linking to your images.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.+\.)?myspace\.com/ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.+\.)?blogspot\.com/ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.+\.)?wordpress\.com/ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.+\.)?livejournal\.com/ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Facebook lets you send virtual Valentine's gift

The test launch of virtual gifts by Facebook, the virtual society on the net, which is probably to coincide with the coming Valentine's day. The Internet now really enters our life, which brings virtual effect, which you can even find virtual lovers that gradually becomes real one day! Yeah, there were many cases like this before. Those hooked up with online chatting, emailing, collaborating via forum, blogs finally will end up with a real relationship.

The virtual gift at FaceBook now is given as free right now at its testing period. It will charge $1 per gift later. How does this virtual gift work? It comes in small icons that you can pick and give to other Facebook members to be displayed on thier "wall" section as well as a new gift area. The test is carried out on college students!

The gift icons were designed by Susan Kare, who was also the original designer of Mac icons. You can send gifts either privately or publically, which privately shows only the icon and publically shows the name of the giver.

If you happened to have met someone at Facebook, and is getting intimate as your virtual gf or bf, pick up a nice gift icon and send her/him one as the coming Valentine's day gift. But I'm not too sure that you'll be considered stingy due to the gift is free and you then get banned by her/him! Perhaps, in the virtual would there would be another kind of virtual sense of romance! The generated money from the gifts sold in February will be donated to charity for supporting breast cancer, after this the money will be kept by FaceBook, which'll probably contribute some kind of revenue by end of this year!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A million penguins Wiki, fullfills your writer's dream

You've been longing to show off your novel writing talent, and dreaming that one day you would achieve as what the Harry Porter's author did, selling millions of copies of your novel around the world! Now, here is the chance for you to show off your talent. A Wiki-based story or novel submission website by the De MonFort University of Leicester, UK, is here to help you out showing your writing talent to the world through its collaborative novel writing website.

Its main aim is to get talented writer into a collaborative manner, which story or short novel submitted will be getting fixed on till the stage of a final, complete and best appealing novel. It adopts the open source concept that open source software such as Linux, Tomcat, Apache etc were being fixed for bugs and defects and improved to the stage that can compete or outperform many commercial software today! For writers who wanna join this WiKi-based creative writing exercise, you really have to put down your ego! If you're the one getting yourself confined in your own room, then you better don't this. Lets keep an eye if any great novels be born in the following years from

The website was reported crashed due to too many hits on the first day of launch. It was getting around 10 uniques in a second!

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Time management made easy by Achive Planner

Time is precious! Having a solid knowledge of time management is important in our overly busy daily life, especially for me, as a corporate climber. Time management gives me the precision of proper work planning, productivity, meeting customers, balancing up my work and family, which serves as the best tool for me to climb up to the corporate ladder.

There is no easy way to master the time management skill. I've tried this myself, I'd say you'd totally fail doing it without the help of a good time management software. Over the past few years, I've been searching around over the net, the software shop for a best time management that can suit my busy corporate life. Finally, I found Achieve Planner, which has been my best companion in my corporate climbing life.

Achieve Planner, which is installable on Windows OS, is a personal time management software that provides a central location to keep track of everything you are working on and need to get done. This software comes with weekly planning wizard software tool helps you plan your week, or you can do it yourself using drag and drop. In terms of tasks and projects organization, Achieve Planner uses hierarchical (multi-level) outlines, which lets you break up large items into smaller steps for making it more manageable. Additionally, Achieve Planner supports the ABCD prioritization system to help you spend more time on what is most important and valuable. Prioritizing your to-do list with our personal time management software helps you do less and accomplish more by using the 80/20 rule.

For more information, please check out Achieve Planner website. If you're already convinced at this point, order now for only $99.00. Having Achieve Planner, your wife will never be nagging you for coming home late!

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Refinance your car at RateGenius

Your existing car loan charges you an overly high interest rate? You've been thinking of refinancing your car or truck but you have no clue how to do it? No worry, Car Refinance, RateGenius is here to help and provide you an easier, a much better rate or even an extended term for your car loan!

Car Refinance provides you the best and prompt service for refinancing your car. The application takes you only a few minutes and within 24-48 hours, rateGenius can put you on the road to saving thousands by refinancing your car, truck or SUV.

Once your application submitted, Car Refinance will need to go through a credit history check on you. This credit check is necessary, which is the way to find the best interest rate to refinance your auto. The credit check involved here is "soft inquiry", which will neither hurt your score nor expose your credit history to any other lenders.

Additionally, Car Refinance is flexible enough for you to add/remove a co-applicant (Your girlfriend, wife or mum etc) from your existing loan and also your new loan with RateGenius. Without any delay, click here to apply online now

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Norton Antivirus, get your PC protected now!

If you're a Windows OS user, there is no escape that you need anti-virus on your PC. The best is once you just got a new PC, the first thing to do is to install an Anti-virus software to get your PC well-protected.

There are tons of anti-virus software out there in the market. It's really hard to know which one works best for you, the one that makes your PC completely sealed from virus attack. Throughout my 7 years immersed in computer and software, I've found that Norton Antivirus 2007 is the one that works best for me, which can help clean up all the latest viruses, trojans horses etc.

No doubt Norton Antivirus is the best that you need to get your PC equiped with. But Norton itself also comes with different versions, you have to choose the best that suits your PC's performance. There are some cases that I've found that having a Norton Antivirus will cause slow performance on some PCs, therefore you gotta choose the right version that suits your PC. In order to find out which version of Norton Antivirus does best, I always hook on Norton Antivirus 2007 Reviews & other info to help myself make the right choice. This site serves in-depth information for what you need to choose the best version of Norton Anti Virus for your PC.

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Useful multifuntional gadget from Brando

This pen sure works great for corporate office workers. I've heard that corporate workers will need attending tons of meetings. This handy, all-in-one multifuntional gadget comes in place, which lets you blast your favorite tunes, take note, do voice recording in your boring meetings. One simple tip, if u wanna steal a nap in the meeting, turn on the mic and start voice recoding, if you're spiritual enough then you can take note using it in your long-winding meeting

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VOIP phone gone wireless

Great great great! VOIP phone with wireless connection, yup no hassle of dangling USB cables, it is the Kensington Vo200 BT Internet Phone. Wireless? I mean Bluetooth, there is no USB cable that you need to connect this VOIP phone to your PC. Instead of USB, your PC must be Bluetooth-enabled or having a Bluetooth dongle. Furthermore, this VOIP phone looks and works pretty much like a cellphone, it comes with a mousepiece that is flipable. Once flipped all the way around, then it can serve as the stand of the phone, which you can place it on your desk and use as a speakerphone, chat to your friends comfortably.

It works with all the popular chat services, such as Skype, MSN, Yahoo or Google. It features advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology that give you clearer conversation. It can be folded into the size of a PC card, which you can then slide into the PCMCIA slot of your PC or laptop for storing and also charging. A full charge gives you over 3 hours of “serious” talk time and up to 30 hours of standby time

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

iCache represents all your cash cards

Instead of having to carry all sort of cash cards with you, isn’t it more convenient that you just bring along a device that represents all your credit cards or debit cards? That device is iCache, which contains the digital replica of “track data” of all your credit cards or debit cards.

How to do that? According to iCache website, it will be available to you from your financial institution or you buy it from iCache retail. Once you received the device, you just get onto iCache website, self register your finger print and all your cards, just a simple process.

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PayPal’s Security Key Protects You From Phishers!

PayPal is one of the most widely accepted payment methods by online stores, eBay and for individuals to transfer cash. Due it to its popularity, it’s also one of those getting most phishing troubles! If you do not know what phishing means, here is a little explanation.

Phishing is by far the most common method used for online fraud. Phishing involves sending out legitimate-looking emails that seem to come from a trustworthy website or institution. Phishers normally would create a fake website, which looks like the homepage of a reputable company, e.g PayPal. Then they send out tons of emails to consumers to lure them to login to thier (PayPal) account, in order to capture thier login information for financial again. Phishing not only causes a big loss of to the consumers and also to the company!

In order to overcome the phishing problem, PayPal has come out with a hardware solution, i.e the PayPal Security Key. This security key generates a unique one-time-use key code every 30 seconds, which you use along with your username and regular password to log into your account.

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Robotic cellphone! A personal ubiquitous companion!

Do you want your cellphone to come to you by itself when someone calls you? Do you want your cellphone to know where to locate its own charger and then charge itself when battery runs out? The Cellular Phone Robot does all these for you.

The Cellular Phone Robot or CPR in short has wheels so that it can move. With RFID tags installed all around your house, it will be able to do the above-mentioned for you! Some more it has motors, used to express the emotions for you about the incoming calls. The CPR uses 3 types of senses to respond to you, they are by touch, smell and visual bahavior!

By touch, the CPR vibrates in 3 distinct patterns to evoke your emotional response. The patterns were based on the rhythms of emotional music.

By smell, it has 12 micronozzles to to emit just the right odor to identify the caller. Would it emit smell of rotton egg for undesirable callers? Of course tested biometrically.

By visual, the CPR does a little dance when someone calls. Happy dance. Stalker dance. All biometrically determined.

This is currently one of the research work produced by the engineers at Soochunhyang University in Korea. It has much much greater features than your iPhone.

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