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Information, Internet & Technology: Facebook lets you send virtual Valentine's gift

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Facebook lets you send virtual Valentine's gift

The test launch of virtual gifts by Facebook, the virtual society on the net, which is probably to coincide with the coming Valentine's day. The Internet now really enters our life, which brings virtual effect, which you can even find virtual lovers that gradually becomes real one day! Yeah, there were many cases like this before. Those hooked up with online chatting, emailing, collaborating via forum, blogs finally will end up with a real relationship.

The virtual gift at FaceBook now is given as free right now at its testing period. It will charge $1 per gift later. How does this virtual gift work? It comes in small icons that you can pick and give to other Facebook members to be displayed on thier "wall" section as well as a new gift area. The test is carried out on college students!

The gift icons were designed by Susan Kare, who was also the original designer of Mac icons. You can send gifts either privately or publically, which privately shows only the icon and publically shows the name of the giver.

If you happened to have met someone at Facebook, and is getting intimate as your virtual gf or bf, pick up a nice gift icon and send her/him one as the coming Valentine's day gift. But I'm not too sure that you'll be considered stingy due to the gift is free and you then get banned by her/him! Perhaps, in the virtual would there would be another kind of virtual sense of romance! The generated money from the gifts sold in February will be donated to charity for supporting breast cancer, after this the money will be kept by FaceBook, which'll probably contribute some kind of revenue by end of this year!

Via [TechCrunch]



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    Happy Valentine's Day


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