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Information, Internet & Technology: Robotic cellphone! A personal ubiquitous companion!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Robotic cellphone! A personal ubiquitous companion!

Do you want your cellphone to come to you by itself when someone calls you? Do you want your cellphone to know where to locate its own charger and then charge itself when battery runs out? The Cellular Phone Robot does all these for you.

The Cellular Phone Robot or CPR in short has wheels so that it can move. With RFID tags installed all around your house, it will be able to do the above-mentioned for you! Some more it has motors, used to express the emotions for you about the incoming calls. The CPR uses 3 types of senses to respond to you, they are by touch, smell and visual bahavior!

By touch, the CPR vibrates in 3 distinct patterns to evoke your emotional response. The patterns were based on the rhythms of emotional music.

By smell, it has 12 micronozzles to to emit just the right odor to identify the caller. Would it emit smell of rotton egg for undesirable callers? Of course tested biometrically.

By visual, the CPR does a little dance when someone calls. Happy dance. Stalker dance. All biometrically determined.

This is currently one of the research work produced by the engineers at Soochunhyang University in Korea. It has much much greater features than your iPhone.

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