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Friday, October 27, 2006

Desktop anywhere, Desktop 2, a virtual Internet desktop

DesktopTwo, a virtual Internet desktop software, which allows you to access your files, your blog, your emails and personal software application such as word, spreadsheet from any Internet connected PCs. DesktopTwo, a product of Sapotek, a company started in Mexico in 2002. DesktopTwo, which is FREE for consumers, the english version of Sapotek's Spanish-language version of Flash-based webtop software, which was developed using open source tools.

Here are some good features of DesktopTwo that I have just explored

1. Storing of your files, which you get 1GB of harddisk space, this is great for those who's been traveling around, which you can access your file as long as you get to access an Internet-connected PC. Uploading files have options from Internet or your local PC, the uploading process has great speed..

2. Email account, you get an email account or you can add a POP3 account from your POP3 service provider

3. Blogging tool, using the blogging tool at DesktopTwo allows you to create your own blogspace for a choice either on or I've just created mine on Nice and easy posting of blog entry without the need to wait for post-back as using some other online blogging, such as Blogger :)

4. Bookmark your URL, tag it such as you do with, but this lets you tag it to

Some more great features, such as MP3 playe, RSS reader, live chat using MSN, find out more from


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