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Information, Internet & Technology: Be smart and avoid being the victim of Phishing

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Be smart and avoid being the victim of Phishing

What is phishing ? You have proibably heard of this term recently, especially those hooked up to Internet always.

Phishing is by far the most common method used for online fraud. Phishing involves sending out legitimate-looking emails that seem to come from a trustworthy website or institution. The most common examples seen today are those emails from a bank or payment handler such as PayPal etc.

Fraudsters normally would create a fake website, which looks like the homepage of a reputable company, e.g PayPal. Then they send out millions of emails to consumers, asking them to follow a link on the email to login to their account and update thier profile etc. Once the consumer responds and follows exactly what they have been told on the email, then thier identities will be stolen by fraudster for financial again. For example, if you are the victim and you have followed what you have been told on the email and login to the fake website, then your login information will be captured by the frausters, which they can then make use of your login information to get on to the real website and do what they want, such as transfer some fund from your account to thiers. The attached in the followings is a sample of the fake email, which claims is from PayPal.
As a consumer like us, to avoid being the victim of phishing, what can you do ? Well, be smart, at first you should check the mail header, most email clients allow you to do so, by viewing the full header. You would have found that the fake email does NOT originate from the reputable company, e.g the example above, the email is received from A real email from PayPal should originate from a host with domain, such as the followings

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