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Information, Internet & Technology: Lift Assistive, converts your website for disabled and PDA

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lift Assistive, converts your website for disabled and PDA

With the advance in technology, more and more websites are going into multimedia, i.e web pages loaded with full of graphics, animations and even video clips. Such a multimedia-loaded webpages will face problem for delivering the content well to disabled users such as those having visual problem and also to portable devices such PDAs, cellphons with tiny screen layout.

Lift Assistive, a product of UsableNet, a software that moves you backward of technologies as it helps generate the text-only version of your web content ? What does this mean? Try this out here for the text-only version of this blog, then you will get what I mean! Why do you need
a text-only version of your website? Well, this benefits disabled users, such as those visually impaired and
also "text-only" content can be easily fit onto mobile devices (PDAs and cellphones) with screen
layout limitation!

Lift Assistive, basically is a server-side technology that creates a dynamically generated, text-only, and accessible view of your web site to meet W3C and section 504/508 standards and improves support for people with disabilities and users of assistive technology. The software also has other functionalities such as enabling for larger font size and converting data tables into a format which can be processed by a screen-reader.


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