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Information, Internet & Technology: The need for server auditing for organization

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The need for server auditing for organization

Servers auditing is the critical process and procedure to be carried out on every organization that relies on computer server system, which serves as the backend and front-end processing of their daily operation. The auditing is a routine procedure that must be carried out periodically, e.g once a month or on a more frequent schedule dependent on environmental need.

Server auditing, which involve both performance and security, provides the benefit to an organization as follows:

  1. An effective tool for preventive maintenance. Early detection of server hardware or software or security problem, which action can be taken earlier to prevent any major breakdown
  1. Proper future capacity planning A guideline or pattern can be derived, which helps the management and IT team to have much precise planning on future capacity expansion
  1. Ensure compliance, enhance security and improve service quality
  1. A guideline or schedule of necessary actions such as tuning tasks can be derived
  1. To derive a guideline or best practice for the IT team for future deployment of servers
  1. Provides management and IT team the supporting evidence and confidence that security measures are effective and IT systems integrity is maintained


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