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Monday, October 16, 2006

AJAX web application

It is a quiet night, I'm sitting in front of my computer, working on enhancing a software tool, which I have developed and used it for my major web-applications development project over years. It's a great tool, I personally feel, although it's NOT commercial, but it has helped me produce several enterprise-wide ajax-based web application over years and it eases all the taxing task involved in software development. It reduces more than 80% of the time needed to develope a web-based application. Its approach is almost like 4GL, which help me generate all the 3 tier of codes needed by mapping to a database table.

I do NOT even have to write a single line of code for building an ajax web-form that handles the data entry, such as adding and updating record, as well as querying and navigating thru records. It's really such a great tool, which I have used over years and have made some bucks out of it, as I have used it to successfully developed and deployed more than 20 enterprise-wide web-based applications, which include web-based ERP, forum, photo blog etc .... It's a great tool, a JSP/Servlet/AJAX framework of its own.. You can have a feel by logging into one of the demo apps here, at


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