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Information, Internet & Technology: Internet Explorer 7 is out !!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 is out !!!

After a long wait. The Internet Explorer 7 is finally out, which is available for public download on Microsoft's website. I've just got my copy. If your OS is Windows XP, you need the service pack 2 to get it run! For those having Windows XP Pro 64 Edition or Windows Server 2003, you need the Service Pack 1!

Basically the new features added onto the IE7 are emphasized on the ease of use and security. A built-in anti-phishing filter, which installation of Activex objects are rejected by default! Besides, it also copies quite a number of popular features
from the open source Firefox such as search box and browser tabs for users to organize multiple web pages in a single window

Other than that, Microsoft is catching up with recent changes to internet standards such as CSS and HTML. The first thing I wanna try out is to test the few AJAX applications that I have with this new browser, I will keep you guys posted !


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