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Information, Internet & Technology: New Ipod Shuffle, smallest digital music player, will be out tomorrow !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Ipod Shuffle, smallest digital music player, will be out tomorrow !

What is the size of the smallest version of Apple's Ipod Shuffle ? It's only 1.62-inches long, just about the size of a matchbox ! The smallest digital music player by Apple, it's gonna be out in the market tomorrow (3rd/Nov/06). But this little matchbox-sized music player can hold up to 240 songs. The down side is it does NOT have a display to show what it's playing! I guess it will take another couple more years or earlier for computer chips to get even much tinier, then a matchbox-sized music player will also have a nice LCD display on it ?

This new version of Shuffle is around half the size of the original that was introduced in January, last year (2005). It weighs 14 grams only, includes 1-gigabyte of storage, has a built-in clip for portability, with the battery that can last for around 12 hours! Vice president of Apple, Greg Joswiak claims that this Shuffle is the most wearable because of its ultra compact design and built-in clip.

Some other features of the small Shuffle are, you can have continous mix of favorite songs, have songs playing in random order or simply flip a switch to listen to songs in a particular order. The small Shuffle can be connected to a Mac or PC with included dock and iTunes' AutoFill feature that automatically syncs the correct number of songs from a user's music library.

Meanwhile, it is priced at USD$79, comes with earbud phones (But according to this blog here, the first batch that has already reached the hands of those who hurried to order it, the earbud is the old type, which is NOT the new improved earbuds presented by Steve Job on 12th/Sept
! Interesting!) and a dock, and will go on sale tomorrow, 3rd/Nov, through Apple retail stores, the online Apple Store, and Apple Authorized Resellers


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