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Information, Internet & Technology: February 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Back to this blog again!

Havent updated this blog for a few months. I've been busy working with other projects. Besides, my attention was attracted by the hot pixel ads. The brilliant idea of the british student Alex Tew, who setup the . The heat has triggered more than 1000 such a pixel ads selling website mushroomed over the Internet in the past few months.

I have also setup my pixel website,
: ) Hoping to find some buck from the hot online advertsing revenue. Frankly, I've been looking for this opportunity for the past few years, trying to find some ways to get involved in online advertising. Well, hope this will work for me!

Btw, I do NOT do this for get-rich-quick. I do it just for the sack of joing the heat and providing the best of my skillset and knowledge. I've been longing to setup a portal such as eBay, or Alibaba. Since I have setup as I promised in my FAQ page, I will my time and effort to add on more and more services to ThePixelWeb portal, such as marketplace, which I hope to make it either like eBay or Alibaba