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Information, Internet & Technology: August 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

My First Few Posts @ About PEAR DB_DataObject

I have started few posts on So far, I have NOT posted anything (e.g sample application and tutorial) about AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). I will have it soon, especially on the Motionk J2EE AjaxApp Framework and its Rapid Builder, which I have worked on for the past few months. (Motionk AjaxApp Framework is basically a web application framework that made up of JSP/Servlets/JavaBean & AJAX, DHTML for the fast production of data-driven web app. Together with its Rapid Builder,you can rapidly deploy a data-driven AJAX-based web application within minutes without the need to handcode complex JavaScript & Java...)

My first few posting on forum were on PEAR DB_DataObject, when I was running a training @JPKN on PHP PEAR packages.

I was facinated with PEAR DB_DataObject, since it provides a good database table modeling feature. DB_DataObject allows the use of code generation or simple inheritance, which you can generate a PHP class that contains the methods 4 most repeatable task in data-driven application, which are : INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE.

Here are the few sample applications on using DB_DataObject

#1 Example of using find() ,whereAdd(), orderBy() methods

#2 Example of using data changing query method, insert(), update() and a combination of others
from DB_DataObject

I use the forum to post technical article

Well, at, I make use of the forum to post my technical tutorial & articles. Since I'was still running a training @JPKN, and I was giving training to my students on how to use the PHP PEAR DB_DataObject and the use of PHP on Microsoft SQL server. I started posting a few sample applications on about the usage of DB_DataObject and the configuration of FreeTDS for PHP to work with MSSQL.

How was setup was setup by the use of XOOPS, a PHP Object Oriented Based Portal Application, which is downloadable from Well, is only activated with 2 modules, which are the forum module and the links module. The links module is used here is for me to have link exchange with other website, in order to increase the search engine's position of I have selected the theme, 7DANA-ROSE by

Forum on

Forum on is basically for the discussion of web-based application development using open source technology, which are PHP & J2EE. As the domain name tells, AjaxApp, the forum is more focus on discussion of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) database-driven web app. Non-AJAX based web-app as long as using the open source technology is also being discussed here.

The making of

I started on 18/Aug/2005 when I was running an open source web development training for JPKN .

The creation of basically is to initiate a forum site for the discussion of using open source, which the main focus is on PHP, J2EE + AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) + DHTML for developing interactive web-based applications., click to enlarge ...