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Information, Internet & Technology: A POST on Object Persistency over PHP session

Monday, September 05, 2005

A POST on Object Persistency over PHP session

After a week of holidays in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore, I'm now back to my work place, and started to maintain and update again. As I promised my students before, which I will keep on updating the site with more and more technical postings on PHP and other open source stuff.

The posting for tonite, will be about PHP session handling & the object persistency across PHP session. I'm using shopping cart as an example to demo how the "Shopping Cart" object is persistent across the PHP sessions. Click here to find out.....

Besides the techical posting, I have also added a boad for "Suggestion, Feedback & User's Wish List". If anyone has any suggestion, feedback or wish list for any additional services that you would like to provide, just drop some words here !!


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